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 Talking about Lisbon is to talk about one irresistible city.

 Its many singularities elect her, since long time ago, like one of the most beautiful european capitals.

 Its enviable cultural heritage allows also a diversity of others ways that pass through palaces, monuments, and museum.

  A visit to Lisbon demands a obligatory point of passage through Praça do Comércio, Chiado, and all the old Down-town.

  Talk about Lisbon is to talk about Martinho da Arcada, emblematic seductive and secular coffee-restaurant synonymous of culture and good gastronomy typically Portuguese..




Encouraging active citizenship, the restaurant Café Martinho da Arcada, has been promoting talking shop since 1999 under the organization of the writer Luis Machado, through where have been some of the most leading figures of portuguese public life.


Thursdays Talks

A series of café talks, organized by Luís Machado, between 1991 and 1998, which contributed for the reborn of café gatherings on Lisbon, that where featured by unavoidable personalities well known of all us.


Martinho Nights

A number of thematic nights, that had place in 2005, dedicated to literature, music, paint, theatre, architecture, justice and social communication, with interventions of important figures from those areas.


Faces of Portuguese Actuality

A cycle of tributes, in 2009, to Carlos do Carmo, Eduardo Lourenço, Júlio Pomar, Manoel de Oliveira, Mário Soares e Ruy de Carvalho, unique personalities, that by their rich track contributed to honour and dignify the Portuguese culture through out the world.


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Lunch: from 12am until 3pm / Diner: From 7pm until 10pm
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